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You may be here because at least one of your WSU courses has proctored exams which must be supervised by a proctor. Whether “proctor” is a new term to you, or if you’ve had an exam proctored in the past, this site should provide the answers you need to successfully schedule and take your proctored exams.

What is a proctored exam? A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual, called a proctor, who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.

Most proctors charge a fee.

There are two types of proctoring:

  • virtual proctoring, exams that are supervised by a trusted virtual proctoring service
  • on-site proctoring, exams that are supervised by an on-site proctor

Students should check their course syllabus at the start of each semester to find out if the course has proctored exams, and if so, what type of proctor can be used. One proctoring method may be required, or students may be able to choose a proctoring method that works best for them. For a quick comparison, please refer to the table below.

 Virtual Proctoring ServiceOn-Site Proctor
Approved ProctorsProctorUMany professionals, including certified librarians, testing center staff and others, are eligible to proctor exams. When you schedule your exam, Global Campus will verify that your proctor meets the eligibility requirements.
Proctor fee per examBeginning in the Fall 2022 term, students will pay $5 per ProctorU session for exams hosted in Canvas. There are a small number of exams hosted in third-party platforms, and the fee for those will be $10 per ProctorU session.Fees vary by proctor.
ComputerYou use your own computer, which must be equipped with a working webcam, speakers, and microphone. You must also be using the ProctorU Guardian Browser.You use the proctor's computer. Make sure the computer has any special required software before scheduling your exam.
Where you take your examYour home location of your choice. Note: ProctorU requires a private, quiet location. The proctor's place of business. Note: A private location is required.
Scheduling your examNo scheduling is required (except for a small number of courses using a 3rd party platform). Students can take an exam with ProctorU anytime during the exam availability, as indicated in the course schedule. At least two weeks in advance, contact your preferred on-site proctor to schedule your exam. Then log in to myWSU, and from your Student Homepage, select Manage Classes, then Global Campus Proctored Exams. Select the link for the exam and complete the form.
Other considerationsCheck the course syllabus to find out what materials, if any, are permitted during the exam.Check the course syllabus to find out what materials, if any, are permitted during the exam.

Note: On-campus students enrolled in online courses take proctored exams during the time frame indicated in the course schedule.

Select the links in the navigation menu for more information about each type of proctoring. If you have a documented disability, be sure to read For Students: Disability Accommodations.