Student Responsibilities

Note: Students will pay $5 per ProctorU session for exams hosted in Canvas. There are a small number of exams hosted in third-party platforms, and the fee for those will be $10 per ProctorU session.

Virtual Proctoring

Students taking proctored exams with the virtual proctoring service are responsible for the following:

  • If you have a disability requiring exam accommodations, be sure that your paperwork is on file with the WSU Access Center and that you review the For Students with Exam Accommodations section below.
  • Check your course More Information page to be sure you know what materials are allowed during the exam. Ensure you have all resources necessary for completing the exam. Do not bring items that are not permitted.
    • You can access the course More Information page through the link in the course syllabus or by selecting the More Information link listed below the course in the Schedules of Classes
  • Well before the exam time, run the computer requirements check on the same computer you will be using to take the exam.
  • Have personal identification, ready to show the proctor before taking an exam.
  • Be sure to read the student responsibilities or directions provided by the virtual proctoring service. Here are a few examples of directions you may need to follow:
    • Dress appropriately, as if you are taking the exam in a classroom.
    • Take care of bathroom and other personal matters.
    • Arrange for child care ahead of time. Students may not have children or infants in their testing area during an exam.
    • Leave purses, backpacks, hats, notebooks, cell phones, and other electronic devices outside the testing area.
  • Understand WSU’s Standard of Conduct.

  • Only use materials that are allowed during the exam (for example, use of a calculator or whiteboard). Do not use items that are not permitted. 
  • Take the exam without assistance from other individuals, reference books, or notes, unless otherwise specified on the exam.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the virtual proctoring service.

Students with accommodations through the WSU Access Center are responsible for the following:

  • Confirm that your accommodation paperwork is on file with Global Campus Proctoring Services.
  • Notify GCPS at of any accommodations that you will be using that require an on-site proctor.
  • For online exams, confirm that any time extension accommodations have been added in the course space at least 24 hours before your proctoring session.
    • If the time extension accommodations have not been added, do not start the exam and reach out to your instructor to have them extend the time.
    • If the exam is not in Canvas (e.g. ALEKS, Launchpad, MyMathLab, etc.), please confirm the time extension with your instructor before taking the exam. 

Note: If you find that your exam accommodation was not provided, please contact your instructor or your Access Center Advisor.