On-Site Proctoring

Overview of On-Site Proctoring

Approved on-site proctors can proctor online and paper exams.

If your course is set up to allow on-site proctoring, students may choose to use an on-site proctor instead of WSU’s virtual proctoring service. For on-site exams:

  • Students can request a proctor of their choosing, providing the proctor meets the WSU proctor requirements. Students can learn about acceptable proctors at How to Find a Proctor.
  • Students should request their proctor through my.wsu two weeks before they plan to take their exam.
  • Students must schedule their exam with their on-site proctor and request that proctor through their myWSU account. GCPS staff reviews all on-site proctors to ensure that they meet our qualifications.
  • Once GCPS has approved a student’s proctor, the requested exam materials are sent to the proctor. Instructors are not involved in the exam delivery process. 
  • The proctor will supervise the student during the exam, as well as comply with the proctor duties and regulations outlined in a letter enclosed with the exam materials. Proctors are also given the information you provide about what materials may be used during an exam, such as scratch paper, calculators, or notes.

Please note that students are responsible for paying proctoring fees directly to the on-site proctor. Fees vary by proctor, so students should ask about the cost and payment options when they contact an on-site proctor.

For Paper Exams

Completed Exams

  • When a student completes a paper exam at their on-site proctor, the proctor will return the completed exam and all exam materials to GCPS. GCPS accepts scanned copies as well as hard copies.
  • If you are located on the Pullman Campus, GCPS can deliver the exams to to your designed GCPS Courier Dropbox or we can email you a PDF copy of the exams. If you have a preference on where you would like the exams delivered, please let us know. 

Graded Exams

  • After you have graded the exam, please feel free to provide comments to the student on the Proctored Exam Cover Page.
  • Our courier will pick up the graded exams and return them to GCPS, where our staff will scan the comments and email them to the student.
  • For pick-up of graded exams on the Pullman campus, email paperexams@wsu.edu. Do not use interdepartmental mail