For Proctors

group of students sit at monitors, proctor looks over shoulder of one

Thank You

We’d like to thank you for serving as a WSU proctor. Your efforts help our students better their lives and achieve their dreams.

To ensure the continued success of this program, we have provided all WSU standards and policies that apply to your role on this website.

Proctor Responsibilities

Please review the Proctor Responsibilities section.

The most important policy is this: All exams must be monitored during the duration of the exam. At no time can the student be out of the proctor’s view.

Proctor Qualifications

To supervise an exam as a proctor, the individual must be willing to execute the duties listed under Proctor Responsibilities. All exams must be taken at the place of business that coordinates with the position qualifying the proctor as a WSU approved proctor. Exams cannot be taken at a personal residence.

On-site proctors must be acting in an official capacity at their place of business in one of the following positions:

  • Full time staff member of a WSU Extension Office
  • Professional staff member of a public or private educational tutoring or testing center
  • Dean, Department Chairperson, or Registrar of a public or private college or university
  • Librarian (city, county, public or private school, etc.)
  • Public or private school Superintendent, Principal, Registrar, or Counselor (Note: K-12 administrative staff may not proctor when their school is not in session)
  • Judge of a court of law
  • United States Armed Forces Educational Services Officer
  • Field Commander (active duty military) assigned with ESO duties

Note that the following may NOT serve as proctors:

  • Teachers and professors, unless they are acting in one of the capacities listed above.
  • Relatives of the student, no matter what their position.
  • Employers and coworkers. (Proctors who are employed by the same organization are acceptable, providing they do not work directly with the student.)
  • K-12 administrative staff may not proctor when their school is not in session

International proctors must be able to read and speak English, and are held to the same requirements as U.S. proctors, acting in an official capacity at their place of business.

If you have any questions after reading this information, please contact us at 509-335‑0827 or