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Helping Students with Disability Accommodations

Students who require disability accommodations first work with the WSU Access Center to determine their needs. They then receive a WSU Disability Accommodation Form listing any accommodations, and must provide that form to their instructors. Instructors must provide any accommodations listed.

Global Campus Proctoring Services receives a copy of Disability Accommodations Form from the WSU Access Center and communicates the accommodation information to the virtual proctoring service. 

If a student requests a disability accommodation, but doesn’t send you a Disability Accommodation Form, the student needs to contact the Access Center directly, even if the student had previously received accommodations from WSU or another school. Students can reach the Access Center at 509-335-3417 or

Many accommodations involve extra time (e.g., double time) to take online exams. Instructors need to set up those time extensions.

If you have a student needing a time extension, it is best to extend all their exams at once, preferably at the start of the semester, and at least a week before an exam opens. Review How to Set Test Exceptions in Blackboard Learn for a brief tutorial.

If you need assistance or would like someone to make sure your online exam time extensions are set up correctly, please contact WSU Online Faculty Support at or 509-335-4320 or 800-222-4978. We are here to help.