On-Site Proctor Approval

For every on-site proctored exam, students must:

  • Locate an acceptable on-site proctor, obtain the proctor’s contact information, and schedule each exam with the proctor. For tips, review How to Find a Proctor for Approval.
  • Complete the online Request Form in myWSU with the proctor’s contact information for approval, if you have not used this proctor for a previous WSU Global Campus exam.

Want to Use a Previous On-Site Proctor?

Global Campus Proctoring Services has already approved the on-site proctor you have used in the past.

If you will be using an on-site proctor that you have used for a previous WSU Global Campus Exam, go to Request My Proctor.

Need to Locate a New On-Site Proctor?

Global Campus Proctoring Services must approve the on-site proctor you choose, before your exam or online password will be sent to the proctor.

If you request a proctor that you have not used for a previous WSU Global Campus Exam, the proctor’s information you provide will be reviewed for approval within five business days.

  • If the proctor you request is not currently approved, it can take additional time to process your request. 
  • GCPS will send an email to the proctor to verify that they meet our requirements and are able to carry out the required proctoring duties.
  • If we do not receive a response from the proctor within three business days, we will notify you.
  • You will be notified in your WSU email if your proctor is not approved.
  • If your proctor is approved, you will not receive a response, and your exam information will be promptly sent to your proctor.

After your proctor is approved, the proctor’s information will be saved so you can easily select the proctor for future exams.