Proctor Responsibilities

Supervising an Exam

To supervise an exam as a proctor, the individual must be willing to execute the following duties listed below. All exams must be taken at the place of business that coordinates with the position qualifying the proctor as a WSU approved proctor. Exams cannot be taken at a personal residence.

  • After receiving the exam, check to be sure it is the correct exam.
  • Understand what outside materials the test allows (calculator, notes, etc.).
  • Understand what disability accommodations, if any, are allowed. If you have questions about any testing accommodations, please use the contact information listed on the student’s accommodation form to get your questions answered before the student arrives to take the exam.
  • Strictly enforce all requirements and conditions associated with the exam.
  • Secure the exam packet until the exam appointment.
  • Be available during the whole exam appointment. All exams must be monitored during the duration of the exam. At no time can the student be out of the proctor’s view.
  • Provide a quiet area and a table top for taking the exam—and, in the case of an online exam, a computer with Internet access for the full exam time of up to 300 minutes (students may not provide the computer for the exam).
  • Identify the student by photo ID.
  • Make sure purses, backpacks, hats, cell phones, personal laptops, and notebooks (unless approved) are not taken into the test room.
  • Make sure other individuals do not enter the testing area, unless they are approved in advance as part of a disability accommodation.
  • Make sure that children do not enter the testing area (students are responsible for arranging for child care and personal matters before to the exam).
  • Once the exam begins, monitor that the student does not leave the testing area for any reason until the exam is complete; the exam will be considered complete once the student leaves the room. If the student leaves the testing area before the exam is completed, the proctor must notate this, and notify GCPS upon exam completion. 
  • For online exams, monitor the student’s screen for the duration of the exam; students are not allowed to open any programs or websites unless indicated in the exam notes.
  • For paper-based exams, note the begin and end time; date and sign the Certification of Supervised Exam form on the proctor’s instruction memo.
  • Collect the completed exam material from the student. Students cannot retain any exam materials.
  • For paper-based exams, handle the return mailing or emailing of the exam and any additional work, including the Certification of Supervised Exam and Exam Cover Letter forms. If an exam must be returned by any type of express mail, students are responsible for any expense incurred but the proctor must handle the actual “mailing” of the exam.

In addition, the proctor should note the following:

  • No assistance from computers, electronic devices, persons, references, books or notes are allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • Exam is not to be passed on to another proctor without permission from WSU Global Campus.
  • Exam questions are not to be retained by the student.
  • A postage paid return envelope is provided in the exam packet for paper-based exams sent via FedEx or USPS. Students requesting special handling of the exams must provide the mailer and postage but the proctor must handle the actual return mailing.

If you cannot meet these requirements, we truly understand. Please send us a message to, and we will remove your information from our database and website.

If you have any questions after reading this information, please contact us at 509-335‑0827 or