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If your syllabus indicates that your online or paper exam can be supervised by an on-site proctor, or that you are required to find an on-site proctor, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

  • For every on-site proctored exam, students are responsible for:
    • Locating an acceptable on-site proctor, obtaining the proctor’s contact information, and scheduling each exam with the proctor. For tips, review How to Find a Proctor.
    • Entering the proctor’s contact information for approval, if the proctor has not been approved in the past by GCPS or you have not used this proctor for a previous WSU exam.
    • Completing the request form for each exam so the necessary materials can be sent to the on-site proctor before the date of the exam. Go to Request or Schedule My Proctored Exams for details.
  • Instructors are not involved with the exam delivery process. Paper exams, online passwords, and student exam disability accommodations are sent to the proctor by Global Campus Proctoring Services. Your instructor is required to contact GCPS if any exceptions are made to this proctoring process.
  • Fees vary by proctor, so be sure to ask about the cost and payment options when you contact an on-site proctor. Also be aware that a rush delivery fee of $15 applies for exam delivery to the proctor when the request is within 10 business days of the proposed exam date. Plan ahead and avoid the rush delivery fee. 
  • On-site proctors may be able to supervise online exams, but you should confirm that with the proctor. Online exams are taken in Blackboard Learn, but you will not be allowed to use your own computer. The proctor’s computer must have reliable high-speed Web access that meets the technical requirements of the Blackboard Learn learning management system, available for the duration of the exam (check your syllabus).
  • Even if your exam is online in Blackboard Learn, the exam password is mailed to the on-site proctor just like a paper exam. Exams that are requested within 10 business days of the proposed exam date will incur a $15.00 rush delivery fee. The exam will be sent to the student’s on-site proctor by email, and the rush fee will be billed to the student’s account. We strongly encourage you to request your exam(s) in advance to avoid the rush delivery fee. Visit Exam Delivery to Proctor and Exam Return to WSU GCPS.

To get started, visit How to Find a Proctor.