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Note: For the summer 2020 term, there is no cost for virtual proctoring in Global Campus courses.

If your syllabus indicates that your exams can be proctored by the virtual proctoring service, or that you are required to use the virtual proctoring service, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

  • Proctorio is WSU’s third party virtual proctoring service.
  • Virtual proctoring with Proctorio allows you to take your online exams in a private location with reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • You are allowed to use your own computer, equipped with a working webcam, speakers, and microphone, provided it meets Proctorio’s minimum system requirements.
  • You need to have a reliable Internet connection, and the current version of Chrome.
  • You’re supervised by a proctor at another location who can view your computer and surroundings during the exam.
  • Because academic integrity is important to us, please be aware that virtual proctoring sessions are recorded.

To get started, visit Preparing for Your Proctoring Session.