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Proctoring Fee Overview

Proctoring options and fees may vary by course so you will need to check your syllabus to determine which of the following will apply to you.

Examity Online Proctoring Service

Examity, a trusted third-party online proctor, charges $18 for each online proctored exam. A $5 On-Demand scheduling fee is charged for scheduling less than 24 hours before the exam. If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours, $5 will be deducted from your refund. 

On-site Proctors

Fees for on-site proctors vary. Please ask about costs when you contact an on-site proctor.

On-site Exam Request Rush Scheduling Fee

Exams that are requested more than 10 business days in advance will be sent to the proctor by U.S. mail, unless otherwise requested, and no fee will be charged for the delivery of the exam. Exams that are requested within 10 business days of the scheduled exam date will incur a $15.00 rush delivery fee. The exam will be sent to the student’s on-site proctor by email, and the rush fee will be billed to the student’s account.

Proctoring for non-course specific exams (timed writing exams)

If your proctor session is not related to enrollment in a specific course, such as the Writing Portfolio timed writing exam or English Placement exam, your proctoring fee is $18, due when you schedule the exam.