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What is a Proctored Exam?

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.

What is the difference between on-site, local proctoring and online proctoring?

In many ways on-site proctoring and online proctoring are the same. In both cases the student is supervised by a test proctor who monitors a student who is taking an exam. The difference is that with online proctoring you can have an exam proctored at any private location with internet access—even in your own home!

How do I know what type of proctored exams my course has?

Information about what type of proctored exams your course has will be located in the course information page, which you can access by selecting the More Information link listed below the course in the Schedules of Classes.

What does it cost?

For local on-site proctors, fees vary by proctor. For online proctoring, Examity charges $18 per exam.

Please be aware that late fees can apply. No matter what proctor you use, plan ahead and schedule your proctored exams early.    

Who can I contact with questions?

Global Campus Proctoring Services staff is ready to assist. Contact us at 509-335-0827, or by email:

Also visit Contact Us for current hours of operation.

On-Site Proctored Exams

Who can be an on-site proctor?

Visit How to Find a Proctor for information on acceptable proctors.

The course I’m taking allows me to use an on-site proctor. How do I request the exams be sent to my proctor?

For instructions, visit Request or Schedule a Proctored Exam and select On-site Exam: Request an on-site proctored exam.

How long will it take for my request to be processed?

All requests for exams to be sent to on-site proctors will be processed within five business days. Please note that this does NOT include the delivery time for mail or FedEx.

The exam I’m taking at the on-site proctor is online. Why do I have to request materials to be sent?

The proctor needs the information about what is allowed or not allowed for your exam, the exam password, and information about computer set-up.

How will my exam be sent to my on-site proctor?

When you request the exam to be sent to the proctor, you can choose from three delivery options, U.S. mail, email, or FedEx.

I’m taking my exam on the WSU Pullman campus at the Testing Center. Do I still have to request that exam materials be sent there, since it is at WSU?

Yes. All students in a course will follow the same procedure for requesting their exam, regardless of the location of the on-site proctor. Global Campus and WSU Pullman work together, but exam information needs to be delivered from Global Campus Proctoring Services to the WSU Testing Center, and that happens once the student requests the exam.

After I take the exam, how does my exam get to my instructor to be graded?

Your proctor will receive instructions to return your exam back to Global Campus Proctoring Services either by mail or email. GCPS will deliver the exam to your instructor.

If your exam is mailed or sent FedEx to your proctor, GCPS provides your proctor with a postage-paid return envelope.

If the request is within 10 business days of the proposed exam date, you may need to provide your proctor with an addressed, postage paid mailer.

Please use this address on the envelope:

WSU Global Campus
Van Doren Hall Room 104
PO Box 645220
Pullman, WA 99164-5220

Can my proctor return my completed exam to GCPS by email?

Yes. When your proctor receives your exam, information is provided regarding how to return completed exams to GCPS.

Can my proctor send my completed exam back to GCPS by FedEx so that the original copy gets there quickly?

You will need to make arrangements with your proctor to expedite the return delivery of your exam. If the exam is going to be sent via FedEx, please have your proctor contact GCPS directly at 509-335-0827 or before shipping.

Online Proctored Exams

Who do I contact for technical issues? 

For online exams proctored by Examity, visit the Online Proctoring Tech Support page for who to contact.

For online exams proctored by an on-site (in-person) proctor, your on-site proctor should refer to the Tech Support for Proctors page for help.