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  • For the summer 2020 term, there is no cost for virtual proctoring in Global Campus courses.
  • This information is for Global Campus courses. For information about proctoring for in-person courses moved to online formats, visit Distance Delivery For Faculty: Proctored Exams

Overview of Virtual Proctoring

Proctorio, WSU’s third party virtual proctoring vendor, is integrated with Blackboard. Instructors can access their Proctorio gradebook directly from their Blackboard course space. Information for instructors about the Proctorio Gradebook is available under secure sign-in at Access Proctorio: Information for Faculty.   

For exams proctored by Proctorio:

  • Students can take an exam with Proctorio 24/7, during the exam availability as indicated in the course schedule.
  • Proctorio offers on-demand test taking so scheduling in advance is not needed.
  • The computer from which students take their proctored exam must meet the technical requirements, which are outlined on Proctorio’s System Requirements page. Students are required to use Google Chrome and add an extension to their Chrome browser, which takes less than a minute to install. 
  • Live chat is available for students who need assistance. 
  • For additional details on how students take their exams with Proctorio, visit Preparing for your Virtual Proctoring Session.