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Note: This page is currently being updated with information for Fall 2021. Please continue to check back for updates.

Virtual Proctoring

Virtual proctored exams for WSU Global Campus courses are proctored by ProctorU.

  • There is no cost to students for virtual proctoring in Global Campus courses for the Summer and Fall 2021 terms.
  • Students can take an exam with ProctorU 24/7, during the exam availability as indicated in the course schedule.
  • Instructors do not need to provide students with the exam password. The ProctorU extension will insert the password automatically for the student after the student has passed the pre-exam check.  
  • ProctorU offers on-demand test taking so scheduling in advance is not needed. 
    • Note: There are a small number of Global Campus courses which use a third party platform, where scheduling at least 72 hours in advance is required. GCPS staff will reach out to instructors and students in those courses with specific information about exam set up and scheduling.  
  • Students are required to use Google Chrome and add an extension to their Chrome browser, which takes less than a minute to install. 
  • Live chat is available for students who need assistance. 
  • After each exam session students will be directed to a ProctorU feedback survey which assists the company in monitoring and improving their performance. Students are not required to complete the survey.
  • For additional details on how students take their exams with ProctorU, visit Preparing for your ProctorU Session.

WSU ProctorU Statement
Additional information from ProctorU

Do You Want to Use ProctorU for Virtual Proctored Exams?

If you are not currently using ProctorU for exams, please follow the process described below:

  • For instructors teaching distance delivered courses:
    • Contact your Associate Dean in your college. Your Associate Dean will provide your course and exam information through a ProctorU request process. 
    • After your request has been received, our staff will contact you and work with you for the initial exam set up. Exam set up will be prioritized based on the opening date of your first exam. 
  • For instructors teaching Global Campus courses:
    • Request your virtual proctored exams through the course verification process.
    • AOI staff will work with you for the initial exam set up.   

Instructors: Get Started with ProctorU

After our staff has completed the initial ProctorU set up for the exams in your course, follow the steps below to confirm the ProctorU settings and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 1: Install Google Chrome

You’ll need to make sure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. Download Chrome.

Step 2: Download the ProctorU Extension

ProctorU requires an extension that needs to be added to Chrome. Downloading it takes about 30 seconds, and you’ll only need to do it once.

Important: If you have any other proctor extension on your browser, you must turn off or remove the extension in order for the ProctorU extension to work.

Step 3: Log in to your ProctorU account

Log in to your account by selecting the ProctorU tool in your course space. Note: If you need to make changes to your exam settings, be sure to do so through your course space. 

Important: Update your account information as needed, but be sure that your WSU email is listed as your email address. If this is your first time logging in to ProctorU, be sure to update your password.

Step 4: Confirm Your Exams Are Listed in Your Course Space

From your course space select the ProctorU link in the navigation menu.

Confirm that your exams are all listed. If so, return to your course space. We recommend that you do not make changes to your exam settings from this page, as any changes will not be reflected on the Canvas exam shell.  


If you do not see your exams listed in the ProctorU dashboard, email for assistance.

Step 5: Check Your Exam Settings

Navigate to your exam in your course space.

Here’s where you can make changes to your exam settings (such as time allowed).

Passwords: Instructors do not need to provide students with the exam password. Do not remove the password. The ProctorU extension will insert the password automatically for the student after the student has passed the pre-exam check.   

Important: If you choose to modify your exam settings through your ProctorU dashboard where you confirmed that your exams were listed, the changes you make will not update in the Canvas exam automatically. You will need to make the same exam setting changes by editing the test options, as explained next.

Select Edit the Test Options to review and update the exam settings. 


The ProctorU button should be set to On

Under Exam Security Guidelines, your exam settings will be set to Low by default.

You can change the setting to Medium, High, or Custom. When you change the setting the security level will adjust for allowing the use of browser tabs, allowing copy text and image, exam window size, and third party application use. If you choose Custom, you can manipulate each of those settings separately as needed.  

Are students allowed to use any resources during the exam?

In the lower part of the test options, you can indicate what resources are allowed. The default setting is No permitted resources allowed. Check the boxes for the resources you would like to allow students to use during the exam. Prior to starting the exam, students will be notified as to what is allowed during the exam. 

When you are done, be sure to select Submit in the lower right corner of the page to save any changes you’ve made. 

Reviewing a Test-Taker’s Session

Step 1: Go to the Exam in Your Course

From your course space select the ProctorU link in the navigation menu.

Select the exam for which you would like to review test-takers’ sessions. 


Step 2: Review Sessions

Scroll down the page for the list of test-takers’ sessions. For a session that is in progress or fulfilled, select the View button on the right-hand side of the page.  

  • If the session indicates Running, you can view the session live.
  • If the session indicated Fulfilled, the test-taker has completed the exam.  

Important: If a test-taker did something in violation, the incident or action will be logged in the timeline, and a dot will appear to the left of the exam session. For details of incidents that are flagged, review the ProctorU Events Overview (pdf) and ProctorU AI Capabilities (pdf).