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The exams in my course can be proctored by an on-site proctor. Who can my students use as a proctor? 

Students can nominate, or select a proctor of their choosing, providing the proctor meets the WSU proctor requirements. Students can learn about acceptable proctors at How to Find a Proctor.

I have a course with paper-based exams. How will I receive the completed exams to be graded?

When a student completes a paper exam at their on-site proctor, the proctor will return the completed exam and all exam materials to GCPS. GCPS accepts scanned copies as well as hard copies. If you are located on the Pullman Campus, GCPS will deliver the exams to your designed GCPS Courier Dropbox. GCPS’s courier delivers each week day starting at about 1 p.m.

How will my students receive feedback about their graded exam if the exam is paper-based?

After you have graded the exam, please feel free to provide comments to the student on the Proctored Exam Cover Page. Our courier will pick up the graded exams and return them to GCPS, where our staff will scan the comments and email them to the student.

I received an incident report from GCPS. What is it? Do I need to take action?

The purpose of the incident report is to keep instructors aware of incidents that are outside of a normal proctoring session. An incident might not require any action, but GCPS will keep instructors informed. If you feel you need more information than what is provided in an incident report, or if you have any questions, please contact GCPS at 509-335-0827 or

I need to give a student an extension to take an online exam after the closed date. How do I do that?

Instructors are responsible for making changes to the exam open and close date, and length of the exam in the course space. If you need assistance with this process, please contact WSU Online Support at or 509-335-4320.

My course only proctors exams online, but a student wants to use an on-site proctor instead. If I grant this exception, what do I need to do?

Please contact GCPS at 509-335-0827 or with the course name and the student’s name. GCPS will then make the exception in the computing system so that the student can request an approved proctor through the proctored exam pagelet in myWSU. GCPS will also contact the student to explain the process of requesting an on-site proctor.