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For tests created in Blackboard, instructors are able to add exceptions for students.

Instructors can create test exceptions for:

  • Number of attempts
  • Timer
  • Availability

If you want to grant a student access to an exam before or after the availability dates established for the rest of the class, or if you want to provide a student with extended time for an approved Access Center accommodation, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. In the Blackboard course space, confirm that Edit Mode is on. You can check that Edit Mode is turned on in the upper right corner of the course space.
    screenshot: Edit Mode is ON.
  2. Navigate to the test in the course space and hover over the test that you would like to add an exception for until the drop down arrow appears. From the menu, select Edit the Test Options.
    screenshot: Sample Exam dropdown arrow outlined in red; Edit the Test Options highlighted in yellow.
  3. On the Test Options page, scroll down to the Test Availability Exceptions section and select Add User or Group.
    screenshot: Test Availability Exceptions, Add User or Group button outlined in red.
  4. A new window will open with a list of the enrolled students. Use the checkbox on the left to select the student(s) being granted exceptions. Once you have selected the relevant student(s) select Submit.
    screenshot: Add User or Group, Submit button outlined in red.
  5. The selected student(s) will now show under the Test Availability Exceptions section, where you can adjust the settings to grant exceptions.
    screenshot: Test Availability Exceptions, A, Single Attempt outlined in Red; B, 120 checked, Auto Submit checked, both outlined in red; C, After date and Until date outlined in red; D, X outlined in red.

    1. Attempts – Here you can change the number of attempts that a student is allowed. You can allow students a single attempt, a specified amount of multiple attempts, or unlimited attempts. Select the drop down arrow to choose the desired option. Please note that the exception does not grant additional attempts unless it is set to do so. If the student is taking the exam for the second time this field must be set to “Multiple Attempts” – “2.” 
    2. Timer – Here you can change the amount of time that a student has to complete the exam. If you would like the exam to auto submit once the timer expires, please be sure to check the Auto Submit option.
    3. Availability – Here you can change the dates that the exam is available to a student.
    4. To remove/delete an exception, select the X.
  6. Once you have set the exceptions as desired, select Submit for the exceptions to take effect.
    screenshot: Test Availability Exceptions, Submit button outlined in red.
  7. After successfully submitting the exceptions, a success notification will appear at the top of the page.
    screenshot: Success: Sample Exam Options Edited.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact our support team at 509-335-4320 or